Medical Training Center

Modular construction allows your design to come to life in less time and with less expense when compared to traditional site-built work. Modular buildings are constructed in climate-controlled factories to stringent standards. There are no construction delays because of snow, ice, rain…your precision-built units are transported to your site and set by professionals under the watchful eye of your professional modular builder.

Medical_Training_Center_Commercial_Modular_Buildings Medical Training Center

Medical Training Center

Location: San Antonio, TX Building
Use: Medical Education Training Center
Average Size of Modules: 60′ x 14′ x 11′
Total Square Feet: 520000 sq. ft.
Days to complete: 134
Award Criteria
1. Architectural Excellence The challenges facing the design build team on this project were complex and on a grand scale due the very size if the building and the system requirements of the customer. Issues such as phasing of construction, interface points between trades for utilities, and alignment data points for structural elements all had to be worked out to assure a smooth process. The complexity of the customer’s system requirements made this a natural for the highly controlled and monitored factory modular construction process. Cost effectiveness was achieved through construction efficiencies inherent in the manufacturing process. Costly rework on site was almost nonexistent.
2. Technical Innovation These structures meet the strict requirements of the military Uniform Facilities Code (UFC), which is the guideline for all military base construction. Section 4-010-01, Appendix B of the UFC addresses “Anti-Terrorist Force Protection”, which specifies the design and incorporation of Progressive Collapse systems for modular structures as well as blast resistant windows. Permanent Modular Units for Second, Third and Fourth Floor Warrior Group project managed the production of (277) 13’8” X 60’ permanent modular units and 64 half units for each building. Strict design adherence was paramount along with quality control. In addition to the manufacturing internal quality control program, Warrior Group staffed quality control personnel and a third party inspector in each factory during production. The exterior is split spaced block with stucco, providing a pleasant, contemporary appearance. Buildings are U shaped like the letter “E” offering idyllic Views from windows.
3. Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency Energy efficiencies for this type of construction are outstanding. This building exceeds the stringent standards set by ASHRA 90.1-2007 by a full 30%. This savings takes on even more significance when you consider that 74% of all electricity and 39% of all energy that’s produced is used by buildings.

Medical Ed Training Center (METC)

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