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Fuller Modular Homes and Offices is a unique full service modular home and office distributor and general contractor located outside Hartford, CT. Our Company was founded in 1997 by Gary Fuller and his son Brian Young to deliver and erect modular buildings throughout the North Eastern United States. To date, we’ve delivered modular home buildings to: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Louisiana.

What is the Dual-Focused Approach that
makes Fuller unique?

Ask any friend who has gone through the new-home process how easy it is to reach their general contractor when needed…most will tell you it is a difficult task. At Fuller, we utilize a unique “Dual-Focus” approach…because Gary and Brian have separate duties, your call will be answered or returned quickly…we utilize technology to share plans, permits, photos and more via e-mail. When you choose us to build your new modular home, you will work directly with the Company Owners…no middle men, no outside salesperson…we’re here for you from inception to move-in.

What’s a Wholesale Modular Home?

This “owner involvement” program was designed by Brian to work with other builders and developers that lacked the experience needed to deliver and set modular buildings on their own. Over the years (and as a result of the current economy) we now offer the same wholesale program directly to home owners. The results have been rewarding for everyone involved. This drop shipment program is designed to save money for home owners via a reduced mark up on the modular home that is greatly offset by a discount negotiated with the factory. We strive to keep our mark-ups below 10% versus the typical 25% to over 40% that is customary in today’s market place.

What is “Owner Involvement” and what’s in it for me?

A significant cost savings may await the modular home owner who can utilize our “owner involvement” program. We help our customers decide if they want to partner with us and eliminate the entire general contractor mark up. Or we may decide to align with a local factory-approved contractor to complete the scope of work that is required on site before and after we deliver your building. All of our programs will include, at a minimum:

The Stamped Plans for your home
An unlimited number of revisions
Delivery and Set Service
Unlimited Professional Advice from Start to End
Results in a Weather – Tight Home that is 80% Complete!



We’re much different than our competition in that we encourage varying levels of home owner involvement to reduce the total cost of construction. Like our competition we also offer the typical full service turn key buying program.

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What if I want a Turn-Key Modular Home, from Start to Finish?

When you need Fuller Modular to do it all, we will! All our customers will realize the cost savings associated with a drop-shipped home, but for those that wish to include options, upgrades and colors we offer the typical full service Turn Key program. We’ll design a custom program that will fit your needs. FMHO has its preferred providers but works hard to continually offer an array of competitive factory options to its customers. Our factory partners are capable of building simple 600 square foot cottages to complex 100,000 square foot plus non combustible commercial structures.

Integrity and Trust

FMHO offers a comprehensive design service, Energy Star© and Green-Certified buildings. All of our products include a comprehensive ten-year warranty from the factory and a lifetime warranty on the structure from Fuller Modular. We have a lengthy list of references that are available upon request and are fully insured and licensed. Please contact us to schedule a meeting on your lot or to tour one of our factories. Thank you for your interest in building your home with Fuller Modular Homes and Offices. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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