Outlines the scope of work required on site before and after the modular home is set and made weather tight. If you purchase a “wholesale” or “drop shipped” home this work needs to be over seen by you and I as a team or by a local general contractor. If we co mange the project you’ll eliminate the 20 – 25% general contractor mark up. Or you hire a local general contractor to manage this list and still take advantage of our wholesale pricing. In effect, obtaining a “turn-key” solution at a discounted price.

Step 1 – Land Evaluation

  • Assess site for modular accessibility
  • Perform perk test if needed for septic system
  • Contact surveyor to develop scope of work and pricing
land-evaluation Process
modular-home-design-2 Process

Step 2 – Design

  • Choose a standard modular design or create a custom plan.  Fuller Modular Homes can also convert stick/site built plans.  After the concept has been approved we will have them certified and stamped by an independent third party engineering firm.  Stamped plans are needed to finalize financing, permitting and firm pricing for the on site portion of the project. 
  • Board of Health Approval and Fee’s
  • Building Permit and Fee’s

Step 3 – Site Preparation (on site)

  • City Water Connection or Well
  • Sewer or Septic System
  • Temporary electrical service if necessary
  • Create access road if necessary
  • Schedule pay loader if required
  • Schedule delivery, set crew and contingency date
  • Foundation, Bulk Head and Still Plate
site-preperation Process
interior Process

Step 4 – Interior Finishing (on site)

  • Install basement stairs
  • Remove temporary supports at mating walls
  • Clamp and adjust marriage walls, install metal plates at doorways
  • Cut and install filler strips for walls and floors
  • Install interior stairs and rails
  • Install and finish drywall
  • Install interior doors and adjust
  • Install attic stair trim and adjust stairs if necessary
  • Complete baseboard and casement trim work
  • Install finished flooring
  • Install ship loose items left out to allow for electrical, plumbing, or flue access
  • Blend Painting
  • Install appliances

Step 5 – Exterior Finishing (on site)

  • Install basement windows
  • Complete siding, fascia, soffit and shutters
  • Install chimney
  • Install gutters and leaders
  • Build exterior porches, decks, stairs and walk ways
  • Install garage doors and openers
  • Rough grading and over seed lawn
  • Landscaping Exterior clean up
exterior Process
closing-family Process

Step 6 – Closing

  • Create and finish punch list
  • Final ceal up – removal of dumpster
  • Final walk through with homeowner
  • Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Home owner occupancy

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