“I prefer this foundation because it has many features that make it far “superior” than the traditional on site alternatives. They’re always square, level and plumb like our modular homes making them perfect for each other.” – Brian Young

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superior_walls_COST_SAVINGS-150x150 superior-walls-modular-foundation


The Superior Wall foundation system is an engineered foundation that is formed off site in a factory and delivered to the site for installation with a crane.  Every wall is square, level and plum every time so the modular boxes that are also square will fit perfectly during the home set.  Conventionally poured walls are impossible to form and pour true in the field and can make setting the modular home very difficult. Superior Walls have an R12 or R15 insulation included.  Poured walls offer an R1. Superior Walls are skim coated to give them a finished look.  Poured walls are lined with form marks, show dimples at every pin point and show the unsightly waterproofing line just above finished grade. Superior Walls do not require waterproofing before backfilling the foundation hole. Superior Wall included all window or door rough openings with rough framing included. Superior walls include interior studding with pre drilled holes for electrical and plumbing making it the perfect foundation for walk out’s and finished basements or drive under garages. Superior Walls are Energy Efficient and Green Certified.

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