My wife Susan and I began looking for the rite builder to construct our new home after the kids had moved out. All we knew was that we wanted to design it ourselves making the layout convenient for our lifestyle and interests. Fuller Modular Homes designed one of the rooms around my ham radio hobby and converted the walk out basement into an arts and crafts studio for Susan.

We began by looking at several types of construction including site built, post & beam, log, panelized and finally modular. We researched various designs. Some came close to meeting our needs but cost too much. In the end we realized a custom designed modular home was best for us. Fuller Modular helped us combine ideas from the various sources we had considered. We spoke with many modular builders but everyone but Fuller seemed uninterested in our specific and detailed needs. The others tried pushing us into something from their web site or plan catalog and wouldn’t take the time to consider our unique needs.

I also wanted to be included in the building process from start to finish and that the turnkey option offered by most was not for us. I would have little to no control over the finished product. Some of the builder/ dealers wouldn’t accommodate me and although some said they would, it became apparent they weren’t comfortable working like this. This was the main reason we chose Fuller Modular. Brian is very well versed with the modular industry and saved us thousands of dollars by including us from the start. They let me do what I was comfortable with but were there at every turn keeping an eye on me. I thought I knew enough to be my own General Contractor but in the end I realized that without Fuller’s guidance we would have never finished the project.

My Father was an electrician and Susan’s uncle were both master carpenters. We both witnessed many of their techniques and practices first hand while growing up. What I didn’t understand was the cutting edge technology being applied in the modular factories. Fuller took us to Pennsylvania were we toured three factories. Then they invited us to several home deliveries and sets. After doing this it became evident that Signature Building Systems would be the best factory for us. They build a high quality home at a competitive price. While at the factory we interacted with the engineers to tighten up our design and select our finishes in the Design center. We also toured the factory and model homes. Before returning home Brian and one of his factory contacts took us to an Amish Village were we treated like family instead of tourists? Next, we visited one of Fullers sets and met the factory set crew. Last but certainly not least we were taken to one of Fullers past customers which is the best way of measuring a builders true capabilities.

Fuller obtained our permit and we ordered our home the exact way we wanted it. Six weeks later it arrived on time and was set on the foundation in two days. It was amazing to see the boxes being hoisted from the carriers to the foundation. Fuller uses only factory set crews. The other modular builders set their own homes. The men on the crew had all worked in the factory and it was obvious. The house fit on the foundation within a ¼”. We were very pleased and enjoyed lunch with the guys that was provided by Brian.

After the set the sub-contractors converged on the project to finish the on site work within six weeks. Brian provided us with a detailed post set work scope outlining everything needed to finish the project. He also allowed me to hire many contractors on my own saving thousands of dollars. Brian oversaw the process and provided subs when needed but let me interject our needs and wants from start to finish. A few items arrived wrong but Brian worked with the factories Customer Service department to quickly fix the issues. Brian’s father, Gary and his crew were on site for most of the carpentry items and provided day to day project management at no extra cost. Like my father Gary is an old school craftsman and all of his work was completed the way I would’ve done it myself. They finished the job on time and at budget. Soon we closed our construction loan and the Town Inspector issued our Certificate of Occupancy so we could move in.

Fuller Modular Homes allowed me to become my own General Contractor when we wanted which resulted in saving us 10’s of thousands of dollars. If I were to build another house I’d definitely do it this way and with Fuller Modular Homes as my partner. The end result has been great and the satisfaction of having a hand in the project will always be with us. Contact me anytime to talk about our experience.

Tom Leclerc
East Hartland, CT